Profitable new business ideas for rural India 2021 || Business Ideas for village area with small investment

How should you generate ideas for rural business?

When you are searching for “top business ideas for rural areas” you will generally find very similar ideas over the internet. Different different site will serve similar ideas like – 

  • Flour mill Business
  • Agricultural Products Business
  • Small-scale manufacturing units
  • Clothing store
  • Starting an Educational Institution
  • Poultry/live-stock farming
  • Fertilizer/pesticide store
  • Transportation etc etc…

But these are not new. As we all know, in villages or towns, everywhere the market competition is more and these shops are available everywhere and fulfilling the demand. So as per the most traditional economic theory, supply will happen according to demand. Since demand is kind of fixed, if you set up the same kind of business, you will be “another competitor” and part of the profit sharing of that business. This is why lots of businesses fail. And nobody wants to talk about failure. 

A successful business always fulfills the gap between demand and supply, solve the customer’s problem. We should think from this perspective to build a sustainable and rigid business.  And in villages these village startups are not very easy to find. 

So let’s discuss what are key demands of the village people and how you can build your business out of that:

Top 5 best business ideas for Village with small investment: In 2021
1. Start a courier business:

Before 2 years, when I thought of ordering something from Flipkart or Amazon, I never found an option of delivery. Hence I am not able to order else I order to the nearest cities. This disturbs me more. But now this has become easy, because a new courier business started recently. So this problem has been solved now. Since this is the only courier hub here, they cover a large area and their profit so much. Nowadays, many village people started ordering from Flipkart and Amazon. Even today so many villages are deprived of that. Hence this could be a best opportunity. This also required less  capital investment.

2. Open a E-commerce Store:

If courier facilities are available in your area, this could be a great business. You do not need to invest huge amounts of money. And also try to sell some unique products, which have some geographical Identity. Like Sarees of Banaras, Sambalpuri Sarees, Hand made chocolate from Ooty etc. Try to find some unique product nearby and sell it on your e-commerce store( In Amazon or Flipkart). Also nowadays you can open an Online Local Kirana Store. I think Amazon is giving this kind of facility. You can also sell the below products:

  • agro-processed foods like Aachar, Drumstick Power etc. 
  • Organic Foods
  • Local Bafi,sweets, Petha of Agra etc
  • Local handicrafts
  • Toys etc.
3. Become Organic Vegetable Distributor:

Vegetables are everyone’s need. And you can find small shops  easily everywhere. But organic vegetable’s demand is bit more from higher side. It may not be more demandable in rural areas, but its need is more in Urban areas. Also you can build an organic farm or help the farmers to do organic farming, then sell their produce in the urban market. This also gives you a good margin.

4. Internet Service Provider:

Nowadays everyone has access to the internet. Most remote areas are also covered with 4G internet. But Wired internet services are not available everywhere. Nowadays every family has LED TV, Smart Phones etc also in village areas. So the customer prepositions are changing. Nowadays people are demanding high speed internet over TV cable. So this could be a good opportunity to start to fulfil the customer gap. There are also so many rural banks, govt hospitals, small businesses that are also using high speed internet.

5. Start Low Budget Travel Agency:

This idea may surprise you. But now an average Indian wants to travel. This was not the case before. Due to better communication, the traveling industry also boomed. Lots of people want to go to the pilgrimage sites, but due to the high price and lack of information they can’t. You can plan low budget traveling destinations and explain the fixed cost of their traveling and take them. This also became a good business model. You can take a chunk of people to see the Himalayas. Here your full proof plan and communication skills  help. You can also add some small itineraries like picnic plan, Family tour, Pilgrimage plan etc. 


I will also add some other top business ideas for rural areas which need a bit more investment. Please don’t forget to comment us. You can also contact us through the contact form.


Author – SK


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